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Babies & Children - Tips on Choosing the Right Products

A newborn baby’s skin is a lot different in comparison to their mother’s skin. An infant’s skin is delicate, sensitive and very easy to get irritated and lose its texture because of constant skin-to-skin contact. Tiny babies are always the center of attention, which doesn’t always work in their favor – they need to be kept as clean as possible because of how sensitive they are at this stage.

Whether you’re about to have a baby, or you have a bunch of toddlers and want to find the perfect products for your cute little bundle of joys – you’ll obviously want nothing but the best for them. While just one trip to the market can help you find so many products for the sake of your skin and overall health, there’s not much you can find for little children in this regard.

However, there are certain ingredients that are used in baby products that you should be wary of for the sake of protecting your little ones from developing or catching infections.

Topmost Ingredients You Should Be Wary Off

Due to the fact that a child’s skin is sensitive, it is highly easy and possible for them to pick up an infection within a matter of hours. If you’re careful and read the ingredients mentioned at the back of the products, you will be able to protect your toddlers or infants from experiencing an allergic reaction.

1.     Cornstarch

Diaper rashes are one of the most inopportune things that happen to a toddler or infant. Not only are they irritating and annoying for the toddler or infant, they also make mothers fret because if they use the wrong product, they might aggravate the situation. However, products that include cornstarch should not be used on yeast related diaper rashes under any circumstance. This is because instead of killing the infection and bacteria that caused it, cornstarch promotes the growth of yeast. This aggravates the condition instead of treating and curing it.

2.    Mineral Oil

Although mineral oils seem relatively safe to use, and are used in more than 10 different baby products, it’s advisable that you avoid using them at all costs. Mineral oil consists of solemn carcinogens which can affect the skin and health of your baby by causing dehydration which prevent the skin from absorbing natural moisture – something that is important for a growing child.

3.    Phthalates

These are chemicals that are commonly seen in baby lotions, baby powders, fragrances, baby shampoos, etc. However, it is best to avoid products that contain phthalates because these chemicals are also present in soft toys made of plastic or bath toys intended for little children.

4.    Lanolin

Lanolin is known to cause skin or diaper rashes because it over moistures the soft and sensitive skin of babies. Lanolin is made out of sheep but it is not safe for babies since it has tendency to be full of pesticides that can cause serious damage to the skin of a toddler or infant. There are several products that contain this ingredient, so always be careful and read it before you purchase it.

5.     Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

The product that this ingredient is commonly seen in is baby shampoo. Many different brands use this ingredient because of its capability of creating foam and bubbles. This is also used in many other bath and body products. However, it causes the skin as well as the scalp of the baby to get irritated. Not just that, it is very harmful for a baby’s eyes and systematic tissue. Due to the fact that it is present in products that are even specifically designed for infants, it can stump eye growth and cause damage.

Due to the fact that these five ingredients are present in tons of products designed exclusively for babies and children, it can be rather difficult for you to find products that don’t contain these ingredients. However, for your ease of finding the perfect products for your infants and toddlers, here’s what you should look for in products:

Natural Ingredients

Products that are made entirely of natural ingredients are the best option for your infant or toddler. Natural ingredients don’t irritate the eyes or the skin so they’re absolutely safe for children of all ages. Basically, any product that contains toxins and chemicals must be avoided at all costs because the sensitive skin of babies and children is not designed to battle forceful and toxic substances.

If you can’t find products that don’t include the aforementioned ingredients, or don’t consist of all natural ingredients, don’t worry. Our products are designed for all skin types and do not contain toxins of any kind. Whether you use the products yourself or on your baby, the results will never fail to impress you. Our range of products consists of shampoos, face washes, moisturizers and many more! These products are 100% safe for topical use on babies as they are on adults.

For inquiries or further information on our list of products or the ingredients that we use in our products, visit our website today.

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