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7 top tips for healing dry skin naturally

We all know how depressing it is when your skin remains dry and rough despite your best efforts. Some over-the-counter products you purchase to stop the dryness and cracking may make the condition worse.

What are you to do to keep your skin looking supple and healthy, despite the weather? Here are seven tips on natural, healthy skin care routines that will keep your skin looking hydrated and smooth.

1. Use a mild cleanser to wash your skin.

2. Following these tips while bathing will help control dry skin problems.

• Close the door to the bathroom and apply lotions or creams to damp skin
• Use warm water because hot water is dehydrating.
• Pat dry, not rub skin with a towel.

3. Moisturize your skin immediately after leaving the bathroom. This will hold existing moisture within your skin.

4. Choose gentle, unscented skincare products. Some ingredients found in skin care products will dry out your skin further. Avoid products which contain petrolatum, fragrance, alcohol, formaldehyde as well as deodorant soaps as they strip the skin of natural oils.

5. Use a cream or ointment instead of lotion. Creams and ointments are better at keeping the skin hydrated than lotions. Ingredients to look for include olive oil, jojoba oil, and even Shea butter. Avoid products with petrolatum, mineral oil, hyaluronic acid, urea, and lactic acid.

6. Soak yourself in sea salt. Add a cup of sea salt added to a tub of water and soak in it for 20 minutes. Sea salt is excellent for hydrating your skin. You can also create a salt scrub to rub onto the dry skin by mixing sea salt with some vegetable glycerin and scrubbing dry areas.

7. Aloe Vera gel and pure honey are soothing, moisturizing and healing when applied topically to dry skin.

These tips are simple and can go a long way in relieving dry skin. For more information on healthy skin care, contact us at Fahari Naturals for questions about your hair care and skincare needs.

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