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Natural hair care tips for preventing hair loss: a guide for women

All too often, women who experience thinning hair aren't sure where to turn or what to do. Sure, we all shed 50 to 100 hairs a day, but when your locks are noticeably losing their volume, what's a girl to do?

Avoid high heat and chemical treatments

Nothing destroys your hair quite like heat, chemicals and too much product. Heat from curling irons and blow dryers can destroy the bonds in your hair, making it brittle, dry and prone to breakage.

Additionally, harsh chemical treatments cause stress and can eventually break down the integrity of your hair. Bleaching, chemical straightening and dyes can cause damage to the shaft and follicle, leading to hair loss. So, when all else fails, stick to this rule of thumb: don't overwork your hair. If you must use heat, see a licensed beautician who has had experience with natural hair.

Change your hairstyle

If your go-to hairstyle is a tight ponytail, you could be wearing down your hairline. The stress of a tight pulled-back hairstyle will not only wear down the delicate hair that makes up your hairline, but also put undue pressure on the hair beneath your hair tie. If you must pull your hair back, be sure to use elastics without metal connectors.

Diet and nutrients

Believe it or not, your diet may have an effect on the health of your hair. The state of your hair can be an indicator of your overall health, so if your diet consists of fast food and neglects fruits and veggies, you could be missing out on some very important nutrients.

Make sure your diet consists of leafy greens, fish, nuts and lean proteins. Additionally, be sure to get plenty of zinc, B2 and iron. You'll also find quite a few vitamins and supplements that are targeted at hair health. Generally, these should include zinc, biotin, Vitamin C and niacin.

Oil scalp massage and shampoo

Hair hygiene is a big concern whether you're experiencing hair loss or not. Over-shampooing can lead to weak and dry hair, but not shampooing often enough can lead to buildup that clogs your follicles. In both cases, you could see detrimental effects on your hair's health.

A tried and tested solution is to wash your hair every other day. Additionally, consider incorporating an oil scalp massage to your hair care routine. You could use olive or lavender oil to massage your scalp then let it rest, followed by shampooing later on. This is a great way to get the blood circulating and stimulate both hair follicles and hair regrowth that also keeps your hair smelling fresh.

These natural healthy hair care tips are easy to follow and soon you could kiss that thinning hair goodbye! With a few small changes, you could be well on your way to regaining your confidence and gorgeous hair. For more information on how to naturally care for your hair, contact Fahari Naturals today, where you can talk to people who understand your hair struggles and can help you find a solution.

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