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Reasons to Switch to Natural Skincare Products

A clean, all-natural skincare and cosmetic routine have many benefits you, your body, and the world around you. After many years of using the same products you’ve become accustomed to, a complete switch to natural skin care products could be a shock. We’re here to tell you, however, that it’s so worth it!

Natural skin care ingredients will benefit your body

When you start using cosmetics and skincare with natural and plant-based parts, you’ll start to do your body a world of good. Many natural ingredients contain anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory properties, and can also help combat diabetes and the progression of cancer.

You’ll know what’s inside

It’s been years, almost 80 in fact since any strict law has been passed to make consumers more aware of the products they are using on a daily basis. The FDA, the United States federal organization that regulates consumer goods, does little from preventing brands from releasing hazardous goods into the open market. Furthermore, due to “trade secrets,” there are laws protecting fragrance brands from having to provide their full ingredient lists on labels and to consumers. So you’ll never really know what you’re spraying all over your body. Natural, plant-based, and organic products typically have complete transparency when it comes to ingredients used, allowing you to have full insights into the products you use.


When you opt to purchase natural products, not only are you taking a stand for yourself, but you’re also taking a stand against the unnecessary practice of testing on animals. Since natural products contain natural and safe ingredients, there is no need for them to be tested on animals. 

From your skin to your bloodstream

Every organ of your body needs to act quickly for you to maintain optimal health. As the largest organ of your body, the skin works no differently. In fact, it takes your skin less than 30 seconds to absorb any ingredient applied directly into your bloodstream. Although your body has protection in place to ward off harmful chemicals, some chemical elements can still become toxic once combined with natural substances on the skin. 

It doesn’t have to be hard to switch to a clean skincare and cosmetics regimen. Sometimes it’s helpful to make the switch by gradually changing products within your routine one at a time. Let us know how you plan to make the switch!


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