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Natural Hair Care tips

When it comes to taking care of our hair, we tend to either overdo it or just not do enough to take care of our hair. There’s so much hair care advice we tend to get that it’s actually not even our fault if we get so confused about the dos and don’ts. Whether it’s oiling, conditioning or just plain hair washing, it’s always a mission to find out what works for our hair type and what doesn’t.

Many women also tend to forget about the overabundance of the natural hair oils and treatments that are available and instead just spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on nothing but chemical treatments that are bound to ruin their hair in the long run. However, you need not worry because these hair care tips are bound to leave you with hair that is healthy and shiny always!

Improve Your Diet

Believe it or not, the statement ‘you are what you eat’ is as true as it can get. The diet that you maintain not only satisfies your belly, but it also gives you amazing skin, healthy hair and gorgeous nails as well! Incorporating more foods into your diet that are rich in iron and protein will always give you results that will seem too good to be true.

Some examples of iron-rich foods include fish, leafy vegetables, beans, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, chickpea, and cereals. While foods rich in protein include quinoa, cheese, yogurt, soy, milk, lentils and peas. However, you must always maintain a stable amount of the protein and iron.

Basic Hair Care Tips

  • Check product ingredients and make sure to avoid parabens, silicons, EDTA, sulfates, phthalates etc. Toxins are in products we use everyday and can be damaging not only to your skin but also your hair.
  • Always rinse your conditioner off with cold water. It’ll help maintain the shine and strength of the hair while also closing the cuticles of your hair and retaining moisture
  • Trim your hair regularly in order to cut off dead ends. Many of us have been taught that we should not trim regularly but our hair grows and in order for it to remain healthy, cutting off dead ends is essential.
  • Skip the shampoo and use a conditioning cleanser (Co wash) for your everyday wash. Depending on the product ingredients, shampoos can strip your hair of essential moisture and could be the cause of dry hair.
  • If you have a naturally dry hair type, then you should always avoid getting your hair colored. Hair dye always dries your hair out and this factor is always extremely visible after a couple of months. If what you’re looking for is a gorgeous sun kissed brown color then our go to DIY recipe: make a mixture of lemon, honey or chamomile tea and apply to your hair. Or just spray your hair with lemon to give yourself natural highlights. The result is always a gorgeous and it is au naturel!

Replace Conditioner with Oil

In the olden yet golden times when women did not have the advanced range of shampoos and conditioners or even hot irons, all they had to maintain the texture and color of their hair were natural oils. Needless to say, it would have been a much better age to be alive if that was still the case to this day. If you have it in you to throw all those expensive in the bin, then by all means, you should certainly do so! Opt for using natural oils for the purpose of conditioning your hair and you surely won’t be disappointed! Why? Here are three reasons why:

  • Natural oils will actually condition your hair better than any other product that you’ve ever used.
  • Studies have proven that oiling your hair, and massaging your scalp while doing so, not only improves the texture of your hair, but it also promotes hair growth as well as keeps your scalp healthy and in its best condition at all times.

Hopefully, these tips will be of great use to you for the purpose of maintaining hair that is natural and healthy all times.


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