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Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine
Do you ever wonder if something is missing from your skin care routine? In the last two year i have developed a simple skin care routine that has easy to follow steps. I am able to do each of these steps daily & my skin has never looked & felt better. Developing a routine for healthy skin is easier than you think. Healthy skin can be simple as long as you have the basic steps:
  • Cleansing your skin to get rid of toxins and chemicals
  • Exfoliating once a week to remove grime from pores
  • Use Toners & Moisturizers to replenish and hydrate the skin
  • Water

Cleansing Basics

Our skin tends to build up dirt, germs and excessive oil produced by our bodies. The most important part of any regimen you create will start with cleansing your skin. The purpose of any cleanser is to remove dirt and excessive oils from the surface of the skin. I know many of us have been taught that our skin type matters but during my personal experiments, I have found the cleanser you use affects your skin more than the skin type you may think you have.

Different cleansers tend to lead us to believe that we have dry or oily skin. While this may be the case, I have often found that bar soaps and liquid cleansers irritate my skin the most with some even making my skin appear to have excessive oils. I resulted to using facial cleansers alone on my face because they are the mildest option that I have found. On my body, I have resulted to cleansers that have essential oils like Olive oil.

Exfoliating Basics

In addition to making sure you use a good cleanser made with safe ingredients, exfoliating is the second step to my healthy skin regimen. Exfoliation is the process of cleansing and removing dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin. Many people tend to ignore their body and focus on the facial skin alone when exfoliating which can lead to skin that looks older. Exfoliating is an important part of maintaining healthy skin.

Exfoliating is also important because our bodies have a natural cell regeneration process where skin cells are renewed and older skin cells die off. When you forego exfoliating, the older cells remain on your skin, which blocks your pores and gives the skin an appearance of dull skin.

I exfoliate my skin at least twice in a month and do regular bentonite clay masks. It is important to remember that while exfoliating should be part of your regimen, do not overdo it (three times a week is excessive) and always remember to wear sunscreen.

Moisturizing Basics

I often use my toner before I moisturize. Face toners are essential in helping control excess oil, refine pores and they provide anti-aging nourishment for you face! If you have oily skin, using a toner in the summer maybe excessive but beneficial during winter months. If you have normal or dry skin, using a toner would help smooth the skin while controlling the excess oil prone areas of the face. Toners are not useful for the rest of the body but can be very useful for a facial regimen.

Moisturizing is an essential step in good skin care. A good moisturizer will replenish the skin, help maintain a pH balance and reduce damage from free radicals. Moisturizes that contain glycerol (helps the moisturizing ingredients such as water penetrate the skin) and ceramides (help replenish the skins natural oils) will help you replenish your skin. Sunscreen is also important because it helps prevent damage from the sun.


This is will be one of the most essential steps to add to any skincare routine. Water is nourishment for your body but it also helps your skin glow. Bags under your eyes? Drink enough water for a few weeks and you will notice a difference. Fatigue or dull looking skin, drink water. Water has been essential in my weight loss and discovering that my “dry” skin type was actually dehydrated skin. Water should be part of your regimen for healthier living not just for your skin!

Let us know any routines that have been essential for your flawless skin!

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