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founders' story

“Take Care of your skin for it is the largest organ on your body” - Robyn Schneider

Harriet Mugweru was like other consumers. She had always tried to eat the right things, work out and drink water on a regular basis. Like most consumers, she was consistent in making sure the inside of her body was well nourished and taken care of. Even though she looked for natural products, she never truly paid attention to anything on the ingredient labels nor did she understand how to read them.

Everything changed in 2016 when Harriet started breaking out in hives all over her body. She eliminated dairy and meat products from her diet but continued to break out in hives. She made an appointment with an allergy specialist since all other tests provided no answers. Harriet discovered she was allergic to multiple foods and that the tests were not conclusive as there are categories that are not tested. The doctor recommended that Harriet start immunotherapy. Harriet was resistant to jumping on medications and decided to try a more holistic approach and look at everything she eats. Harriet eliminated the foods that were causing the allergic reactions but she continued to break out in hives. Harriet then decided to do research on product ingredients to see if some of the allergens in food were also found in the products she was using.

It was at this time when Harriet analyzed all her products and looked at each ingredient. Researching each name, learning about the specific allergens, toxins amongst other amounts of information about those ingredients. At this time, Harriet realized the products she was using contained “Natural” on the product label but were potentially the cause of her allergic reactions. Harriet started making her own products to avoid some ingredients and 4 months later, she had products for her hair and body with no allergic reaction. The idea to create products for others who suffer from allergic reactions regardless of their healthy eating habits became a reality after her own experience.

During a conversation with a close friend, Harriet learned she was not the only person in her circle who had experienced allergic reactions while using different products. As a Registered Nurse, Margaret Kamau had noticed that her skin was having allergic reactions but could not figure out which products to avoid. She monitored her skin for months; taking notes on what products affected her and the ingredients contained in each product. Margaret came to a shocking discovery that her skin was reacting to certain ingredients of the products she was using.

Margaret started doing more research on personal care ingredients and came to a surprising realization that there are minimal regulations on the ingredients that go into personal care products and at this time, she started making her own personal care products. After 2 years of making her own products and noticing such improvement with her skin and growth for her hair, she decided it was time to make products for other people who may suffer allergic reactions to products.

Harriet and Margaret had a conversation about their struggles and plans to create products for people outside their circle of family and friends and Fahari Naturals was born! Having had their own personal experiences with allergens and toxic ingredients in personal care products, they created Fahari Naturals as a product line that would do more than bottle stuff up and sell it. Their main goal is to educate consumers on how to take care of the largest organ on their body safely and truly naturally.


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